Saturday, June 26, 2010

a lousy lousy day

It's official, yesterday was a truly crappy day. Waking with a migraine - starts the whole day out wrong, and it went downhill from there. I had applied for the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship for the Accredited Financial Counselor® Program - and until I got turned down yesterday, I didn't realize how much I was counting on it. It was going to be the cornerstone of my counseling degree attempt - and with the continued "review" of the MyCAA program - It's time to regroup and redo. Chief is ready and willing to give me part of his GI Bill, but right now I'm just not good with that. It's his GI Bill, not mine.

What am I going to do? Haven't got the foggiest notion right now. Wallow a little, then get on with it.




Bette said...

Darn it, I'm sorry. How disappointing. I know you'll figure out a new path, but in the meantime, take time to be kind to yourself.

ThatArmyWife said...

I hate the feeling of having a plan, then feeling like the option has been taken away. Even before you start a program like that, there is so much energy invested in applying and preparing.

Michelle said...

Oh I'm so sorry. It's hard not to get your hopes up for something like that, and it's totally ok to feel bad about it. I'm sorry. :(

liberal army wife said...

Right, I've had my wallow.. so I am now going to get myself moving again. how? haven't got the foggiest idea. but I just know it can be done, and somehow it will be alright.


Chelsea said...

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Gina said...


I am sorry to hear about your lousy day on Saturday. I have had plenty of them as an Air Force wife overseas with little to no job opportunities here. Regarding the GI Bill, in my opinion it is just as much yours as it is his. Why, because I believe military spouses sacrifice much to support our servicemembers. Some of us give up career and educational opportunities as we support our spouses' careers and nurture the wellbeing of our marriages/families. I've been married 15 years, have exhausted my GI Bill benefits and am finishing my last degree with a year of his GI Bill benefits. He's got an undergraduate degree and two master's degrees while using tuition assistance and most of his GI Bill benefits. But even if he had not gone to school, he has had the opportunity to maintain a sustain employment history - something that I have not as we PCS from here to there. At some point he will either retire or be forced to separate as reduction in force is still going on. As such, I need to be as prepared/marketable as possible when it does happen. So, girlfriend I hope you reconsider your options in a different light. Also, depending on what you want to do as it relates to counseling you might want to consider social work over counseling. Again it depends on what your interests are. Maybe we can chat about that offline. Take care.

Laura said...

Hey...I'm going back to get my counseling degree. And scared out of my mind. And the GRE. Ack. Hopefully you've found other sources of financial assistance by now.