Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Survey Time!! Power in Numbers.

Last year, Blue Star Families did a survey - and when they got the results they took it to Speaker Pelosi and a group of other concerned Congresspersons. And it made a difference - the fact that we as military families feel that civilians don't get what we do, that we are disconnected from the rest of the country - made an impact! The fact that there were many of us who said it, added weight. The First Lady talked about it, I've heard it at hearings and from members of Congress. Let's make sure that the findings from THIS survey are noted - are valued. How? by taking it! The more people who take this survey, the more military families that make their voices heard and their feelings and problems known - the louder our voice becomes. NOW is the time for us to let those Powers that Be know, because we are a power to be reckoned with NOW!

Here's the site for the Blue Star Families Survey

Go take it, it's private, your name will not be forwarded or published. Remember, to Congress, to those vague Powers That Be, numbers count. so take it, then pass it on. post it on your site, your FB status, tweet it. Let's make sure WE are represented, that OUR voice is the voice that speaks for military families, not some pencil pusher who never saw an ID card or PCSed, who doesn't understand that military families are proud of their servicemember and aren't asking for handouts, but that we have concerns, and want to make sure that the programs that are designed to help us, are really doing so.

Here's that link again.


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